From 50Kgs to 10,000Kgs we install and maintain a wide range of goods lifts that are cost- effective, reliable and durable. RJ LIFTS installs and maintains lifts for goods of various weights and sizes across the UK in a range of industries. Our goods lifting solutions provide the movement of goods in retail, manufacturing, hotels, and restaurants. We have multiple stop-through car options, heavy duty linings and robust designs for you.


Our team of lift engineers install quality goods lifts that can come with their own self-supporting structure to allow for quick installation and minimal builders work and disruptions as a dedicated shaft may not be required.

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As well as installing goods lifts of various types, we also inspect, maintain and service lifts as required by legal regulations (see our LOLER page for more details). We have competent engineers available throughout the UK to provide our LOLER inspections on goods lifts.

Need an emergency call out? 0800 999 1177 Our swift call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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