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Looking for lift engineers in the UK? R J Lift Services Ltd has over 30 years experience of providing professional lift services throughout the UK. The reason we have thrived and survived is because of our dedication to developing our staff and in-turn creating great services to our customers. Our lift engineers are given extensive training to ensure they are fully capable and qualified to meet the highest standards in lift and engineering services.

As one of the UK’s leading lift and engineering companies, our lift engineers operate throughout the UK with service areas in most major cities. This means that our clients benefit from a fast-response team of highly-trained lift engineers & technicians. Because of our vast network of nationwide engineers, we can guarantee our engineers will be at your site 3 hours after a call has being logged. In emergency situations, we typically arrive within half an hour to an hour.

Our dedication to our staff also extends to the vehicles we keep. We ensure our lift engineers’ vehicles are kept fully-stocked with the latest in specialist lift equipment. That is how we manage to repair a faulty lift first time in most cases and reduce any disruptions to a business that a faulty lift makes.

How fast can I get an emergency lift engineer to come out?

We have a huge network on lift engineers, nationwide. Which means that we can guarantee that an engineer will be at your site within 3 hours of your initial call being logged. Despite this estimate, we typically arrive within half and hour to an hour.

Can your lift engineers definitely help in an emergency?

We have a rapid response time UK-wide, our engineers have access to a whole supply of lift repair parts and tools. This is how we have established our reputation as first-time-fixers in the majority of instances. 

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Our emergency call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Lift Engineer Roles

    Whilst we train all our staff to a high-standard, we also allow them to specialise in certain areas. This means we have lift specialists and engineering services in the following areas:

    A lift maintenance engineer undertakes a planned preventative maintenance programme as agreed with your contractor. Your lift maintenance engineer helps to prevent costly breakdowns by regular checks and replacement of worn parts, with the aim of keeping your lift performing at maximum efficiency.

    The regular maintenance checks include detailed inspections of the interior and exterior of the lift cabin as well as checks in the machine room or control panel, the pit, and the lift shaft. Lift maintenance engineers, from independent lift companies, are trained to maintain and service all types, makes and models of lift which includes:

    • Passenger lifts in all types of building from office blocks to hospitals, hotels, airports and even nuclear facilities
    • Goods lifts – both those that take passengers with goods and those that are goods only
    • Dumbwaiters, trolley and document lifts in hotels, restaurants and offices
    • Mobility lifts including step lifts and all types of wheelchair platform lifts
    • Escalators in supermarkets, shopping centres and airports
    • Scissor lifts used for loading and unloading products in a warehouse or manufacturing facility
    • Industrial doors used in manufacturing and warehousing
    • Dock levellers and docking equipment

    A lift maintenance engineer will check all the parts of a lift for wear and tear, including:

    • Lift car interior walls, handrails, lighting, floors, skirtings, electronics and control buttons
    • The lift pit
    • Top of the cabin
    • Ropes/cabling
    • Guide rails, rollers and levelling devices
    • All connections
    • The lift shaft
    • Door operation on every floor
    • Control buttons and panels
    • Machine room – if you have one

    Minor repairs and adjustments will be made there and then, where possible. Where parts are needed, the client will be informed and provided with a quotation.

    It is a legal requirement that lifts are serviced regularly. The number of times that a maintenance engineer attends a lift depends on the type of lift and the amount of use it gets. For example:

    • heavily used lift such as hospital and hotel lifts are normally serviced 6 to 12 times a year-month
    • for average usage, a lift is usually serviced four times a year

    If a lift is being maintained regularly, it will suffer fewer breakdowns.

    If a lift is not being maintained regularly, breakdowns are more likely and this will often be due to worn or broken components or poor lubrication.

    It is a legal requirement for lifts to be serviced. The owner or dutyholder has responsibility for ensuring this happens.

    LOLER Thorough Examinations do apply to passenger lifts.
    Passenger lifts, by law, must have six monthly Thorough Examinations (LOLERs) ie 2 per year.
    Goods lifts need only one Thorough Examination each year.
    Without these current LOLER certificates the lift should be shut down.

    Lifts normally last 20-30 years but the lifetime of a lift can extend way beyond that with regular maintenance. Some well-maintained lifts are over 100 years old. When lifts start to get worn, a refurbishment program is recommended to bring it up to date for electricity efficiency, interior design and to ensure the lift remains safe.

    Lift Engineers Sectors

    In over 30 years we have worked and still work, for companies all over the UK in every sector and in businesses of all sizes. We have contracts with anything from hospitals and universities, to restaurants and pubs. We can work in commercial and residential settings, and with construction or facilities management companies.

    Get in touch to find out why R J Lift Services Ltd. is home to some of the most brilliant lift engineers in the industry. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a leading nationwide provider of dependable lift services in the UK, we are committed to excellence.

    We look forward to solving life maintenance concerns and emergencies all across the United Kingdom including major cities such as LondonScotlandBelfastManchester, and much more.

    If you want to know how you can benefit from our services then please continue to view our website, complete our  Contact Us form, email Us or call a member of our team on 0800 999 1177 and we will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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