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A thorough examination by a ‘COMPETENT PERSON’ is required by LOLER lifting regulations and can be delivered by RJ Lifts at a competitive LOLER inspection cost. RJ Lifts have experienced and COMPETENT engineers who can meet your regulation requirements. These regulations apply to all organisations whose employees use lifting equipment whether owned by them or not. Regulations place the responsibility of finding a competent person to regularly inspect lifts on the lift owner or site manager. RJ Lifts’ senior engineers are fully qualified and have extensive training in lift examinations. For more information on our or for a quote on our competitve LOLER inspection cost, please call 0800 999 1177, email us or go to our contact us page.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998: LOLER THOROUGH EXAMINATION

LOLER thorough examinations are required by law to improve health and safety and reduce the risk of accidents due to faulty or un-serviced lifts.

Some of the LOLER regulations include:

  • Dutyholders are responsible for ensuring lifts are examined at statutory intervals.
  • Lift inspections must be carried out every 6 months for passenger lifts or 12 months for goods lifts) to ensure they are safe to use.Thorough Examination and Testing of Lifts
  • Lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads must be examined by a ‘competent person’.
  • Any defects or faults with lifting equipment must be remedied promptly.
  • Accurate records and documentation must be kept and made available.

Our fully-accredited COMPETENT engineers can ensure your lift is safe, efficient, and complies with health and safety regulations. They also record any documentation needed and create regular reports on the lift operations. Appointments can be made to suit you. Contact Us to make an appointment or for more information.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998: PUWER INSPECTION

Whilst LOLER thorough examinations act in a similar way to a cars MOT, PUWER inspections regards the maintenance and servicing of a lift, just like servicing a car.

Some of the PUWER regulations include:

  • Places the responsibility of maintaining machinery, such as lifting equipment, with companies who own, operate or have control over the machinery.
  • Work equipment is regularly maintained to upkeep a safe condition.
  • Equipment is inspected to detect faults and improve health and safety.
  • Proper health and safety measurements are in place in the event of equipment failure.
  • Lift maintenance is restricted to those with full training and qualifications.


Our engineers have maintained and services lifts to PUWER standards throughout the UK for more than 25 years. Having received extensive training, they are fully COMPETENT and ensure your lifts are running efficiently and safely. As one of the UK’s leading Independent lift companies, RJ Lift Services Ltd can offer you both skilled service, extensive experience and very competitive rates for LOLER examinations. Contact us now for more information or a quote.

For full details on LOLER regulations click here, or for more details on PUWER regulations click here.