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Passenger Lift Services​

RJ Lift Services work with residential and commercial businesses nationwide, installing passenger lifts to make on-site mobility easy and efficient for everyone. We use up-to-date and modern lift technology with reliable electronics, designed for durability in high-usage environments. 

Our lift engineers have years of experience operating up and down the UK installing passenger lifts for residential buildings, offices, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels and more.

We work with accredited inspectors that ensure all installations meet lift regulations and Disabled Discrimination Acts for building regulations. We also provide and install high-quality escalators & step lifts, ensuring your facility can be as accommodating as possible to those requiring extra mobility assistance.

For Passenger Lift maintenance or installation contact us on 0800 999 1177 for further information, email, alternatively fill out our online contact form today.

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Passenger Lifts for Your Business

Our stairlifts are designed with frequent use in mind, making them ideal for commercial and public buildings including care homes, hospitals, town halls, and more. Regardless of your stairway setup, we have covered stairlifts suitable for both straight staircases and spiral staircases, allowing you to provide anyone in your facility with accommodating modes of transportation.

Public Lifts

Public lifts are found in many high-traffic areas, whether a shopping centre, university campus, public library or even a multi-level car park. Used by various people, lifts need to be strong to hold many people and be capable of easy maintenance when needed. Our engineers work with companies across the public sector to install and maintain public lifts, making sure they are fit for purpose and safe to use.

Commercial Lifts

Whether you’re a large corporation requiring a lift to match your corporate design, or a fast-growing company renovating a new facility, your employees need a lift they feel comfortable using. We work with small & large businesses across the country installing lifts for any required size, and maintaining them in line with safety standards.

Healthcare Lifts

Whether patients are being transferred to different departments, or a visitor has a mobility problem, hospitals require easy-to-use, reliable and heavy-load lifts that can be used hundreds of times a day without any disruptions. We work with hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country installing and maintaining lifts fit for purpose. 

Hospitality Lifts

Whether a hotel, spa or holiday resort, having a lift that reflects the environment is an ideal way to keep the magic alive. From flooring & handrails to mirrors & LCD displays, we offer specialist lift renovation services to extend the customer experience one more step. Choose from over 450 materials and colours and transform your lift into a reflection of your resort. 

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    Passenger Lift Benefits for Your Business

    There are lots of benefits to passenger lifts that your business can profit from. 

    1. Support Physical Disabilities

    Whether it’s an employee with a wheelchair or a client that has recently broken their leg, stairs cause a real problem for anyone with mobility problems. Installing a passenger lift helps offer support, in an otherwise difficult situation, without any unwanted attention being pointed towards them.

    2. Provides an alternative method of transportation

    Stairs are also an issue for people not impacted by mobility problems. Whether it’s an interviewee not wanting to break a sweat from climbing 10 flights of stairs, a tired resident returning from a long day at work, or a family on holiday travelling with their child’s pram. Offering a choice prevents these problems from ever happening, with people feeling more in control and encouraged to have a positive experience. In offering an alternative method, you also significantly reduce the risk of lawsuits from potential injuries and mobility discrimination.

    3. Easy-to-use

    Passenger lifts are one of the most common modes of mechanical transport, designed to take passengers up and down a vertical shaft at the press of a button. Our low-maintenance lifts are no different; easy to use and designed to work exactly as expected, so regardless of who is using it, they will be able to do so safely.   

    4. Designed to your specifications

    We offer a wide range of solutions for adapting our lifts to your shaft space. Our lifts can be designed with bespoke cars designed to satisfy your individual requirements. From straightforward top-quality laminates to fine, opulent finishes, we provide lift cars to ensure you receive the desired result. Visit our Lift Interiors page for more information.

    LOLER Inspections

    R J Lift Services Ltd work with independent testing companies who are fully accredited by UKAS for testing, inspection and certification. With a fully accessible nominated user portal, our clients can view their own current LOLER status and download or print LOLER reports. As an additional asset management service to our clients, and to comply with regulations, we view all certificates daily. We then immediately notify our clients of issues raised and the recommended course of action.

    For a quote contact us on  0800 999 1177 for further information, email, alternatively complete our Contact Us form today!

    Passenger Lift FAQs

    A passenger lift is a lift of any size, make or model that carries human passengers. Unlike a goods lift that carries items such as food or medicine, a passenger lift is for the purpose of transporting people.

    We offer a full spectrum of passenger lift services including maintenance, repairs, emergency call-outs, consultations and LOLER inspections. Anything that you may need involving a passenger lift in the UK, you can come to us for an efficient, cost-effective solution. 

    Yes, all lifts legally required a valid LOLER inspection certificate, as performed by an impartial third party.

    You need to be in line with Disabled Discrimination Acts for building regulations, which require a broad range of people to be able to access and use facilities within buildings. Even if you currently do not have an employee with mobility problems, it can change within a blink of an eye, and if failed to follow, you run the risk of a lawsuit.

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