New passenger LIFT Installations for new and existing buildings

R J Lift Services Ltd have a first class range of high quality, low maintenance passenger lifts ideal for both new and existing buildings.

Glass Lift - R J Lift Services

Installed in residential, industrial and office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals and hotels, our lifts are stylish with a smooth, silent ride and exceptional energy efficiency.

Our passenger lift installation options cover a wide range of loads, sizes, speeds, applications and aesthetic possibilities. In fact, we believe we can offer you the best lift solutions for any project or building type!

The expert team of expert lift installers here at R J Lift Services, have years of experience within the industry and offer a cost-effective, professional lift installation service from start to finish.

PASSENGER LIFT Installation – Aesthetics

Our excellent interior finishes in a wide palette of colours are manufactured from high quality materials chosen for their durability and resistance to pattern Ceiling and floor panel replacements

With a full range of lighting, glazing, door openings, skirting, handrails, flooring and mirror options, we’ll help you create a lift which is perfect for your premises. You’ll have a choice of straightforward top- quality laminate wall finishes to luxurious, sophisticated wall designs.

We provide lift car finishes which make your lift into a stylish, durable and reliable work-horse you’ll be proud of.


We manufacture lifts in a variety of sizes, meaning that whatever your lift shaft space, we’ll have a lift that will work for your building.

Where possible, we use galvanised components to minimise the use of paint and the amount of steel required per lift. The steel we use is specially manufactured to provide a higher strength which  reduces the weight of the mechanical parts and helps with overall energy efficiency.

Our lift cars are internationally recognised for their quality of manufacture and superb reliability.

Revolutionary energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key part of our build strategy so we have ensured that all the lifts in our portfolio have the maximum possible energy efficiency ratings in accordance with VDI 4707 and ISO 2545-2 standards.

Energy rating for lifts manufactured by R J Lift Services

We’ve achieved these ratings by including innovative technology into our lift mechanisms:

  • Gearless drive units significantly lowers energy consumption
  • Stand-by mode is activated whenever the lift is not in use
  • Lighting is energy efficient LED spotlights
  • Permanent magnet traction motors are eco-friendly as well as energy efficient

PASSENGER LIFT installation – Safety, Reliability & Longevity

All lifts provided are open protocol meaning they have full compatibility with all manufacturers using the lift equipment. Our lifts also come with modern and reliable electronics, designed for durability even in high usage environments.

We build our lifts in accordance with the European Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU and all comply with European standards:

·         EN81-20

·         EN81-50

·         EN81-28

·         EN81-70

·         EN81-71

·         EN81-72

·         EN81-73

·         EN81-77

·         ISO 14001

·         The Equality Act 2010 (often referred to as the DDA compliancy laws)

PASSENGER LIFT Installation – optional extras

We’ve designed our lift cars to handle intensive passenger loads over long periods of time but additional protective measures such as kick plates and buffer rails are available should your lift require extra durability.

We can discuss the options with you during the design process.


The cost of a new lift depends on your final specification so please contact us for a free and competitive quotation. Depending on your enquiry, we may be able to provide you with pricing indications either over the phone or by email so for a quote contact us on 0800 999 1177 for further information or you can email or complete our Contact Us form.

Passenger lift installation options

Whatever you need your passenger lift for, talk to us – our expert team will be able to help with:

  • Machine Room Less Passenger Lifts (MRL)
  • Passenger Lifts with Machine Room
  • Fire Fighting Lifts
  • Heavy Duty Lifts
  • Bespoke Panoramic Lifts
  • Home Lifts
  • Hospital Lifts


In addition to lift installations, we also offer an extensive range of lift services including: inspectionsmaintenancerepairs and more.

If you already have a lift, you may be interested in our lift refurbishment services with the option of cosmetic, mechanical and electrical refurbishment.


Whatever your query regarding your lift, get in touch via our Contact Us page, email or call 0800 999 1177 now for further details or for a quote.

CALL US NOW 0800 999 1177 Our emergency call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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