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Wheelchair Lift Installation | Platform Lift

Wheelchair lifts (or platform lifts) from RJ Lift Services are a cost-effective way to provide independent access for anyone with impaired mobility. We specialise in meeting the challenges of accessibility in commercial and public buildings.

Whatever the challenge, we have a wheelchair platform lift solution to meet it.

Our extensive platform lift range includes wheelchair lifts for both outside and inside use. Whether for providing access to an upper floor or for negotiating just a few steps, all of our wheelchair lifts are top quality in terms of safety, performance and aesthetics.

Our Exclusive Range of Wheelchair Lifts

We have two types of wheelchair lift installations available. These platform lifts allow diverse accessibility to your property and depending on the structure of your building, both of our selections will accommodate all customer needs for access. If you require lifting access such as disabled access lifts, take a look at our options.

External Wheelchair Lift

This type of lift can move both wheelchair users and attendants, as well as pushchairs or trolleys, allowing independent access to upper floors on external spaces within your property.

Steplifts For Internal or External Access

Step lifts for wheelchair users provide independent access within your buildings, where access to different levels is required via steps. 

Your Guide To Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts refer to platform lifts that can be used in homes or businesses, and these lifts are installed to help individuals with disabilities such as a wheelchair user move around the chosen property. Wheelchair lifts are ideal for providing easy wheelchair access for domestic, public and commercial properties, catering for the diverse needs of all individuals that require wheelchair access on your property.

Benefits of Our Wheelchair Lifts Range

We are proud to say due to their modular construction, our selection of wheelchair lifts is known to be exceptionally easy to install for most commercial or domestic buildings. But further from the straightforward and quick installation features of our wheelchair lifts, you can also rest assured that our wheelchair lifts will bring the following:

Our Wheelchair Lifts Are Flexible

Platform lifts are essential for many businesses and domestic properties requiring better accessibility, and we strive to deliver our services to as many businesses and homes as possible. Our lifts are available for many types of buildings, such as hospitals, schools, apartments, conference rooms, and more. We will ensure that customers with mobility issues are taken care of when accessing your building.

Our Types Of Platform Lifts

If you require a specific type of lift, just let us know and we can provide the following:

If you require an accessible home lift, commercial wheelchair lift or anything in between, please contact us using our bespoke contact form. →

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    Wheelchair Lift FAQs

    What is a platform lift?

    Platform lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts) are used to transport people that may be wheelchair dependent. Platform lifts are also best suited for smaller passenger numbers – approximately 4 to 5 people, while also travelling shorter distances. 

    Because of their slower speed, they are designed to deliver vertical transportation between floors in a low-rise building, typically between two to four floors.

    How much does your wheelchair lift cost?

    Wheelchair lift prices can vary between each company, and depending on the quality, style, and building structure of your property, the prices can be set between £2,000 to £9,000.

    To show our wheelchair lift prices, contact us for more information.

    What is the maximum height your wheelchair lifts go to?

    Travel heights for our wheelchair lifts can go up to 15m, making them ideal for buildings that have two to four floors. Our installation team can deliver our platform lifts for all kinds of buildings but may be limited to those that have more than a few floors.

    How does a wheelchair lift work?

    Wheelchair lifts work by utilising constant pressure controls. Depending on who is on the lift, a user or attendant will commonly press the button to move the lift, releasing the pressure to stop it. 

    Our inclined platform lifts contain this feature, while vertical platform lifts are usually installed as an open system, meaning that they feature a platform that is not enclosed.

    What sizes do you offer for your wheelchair lifts?

    We only offer one size across all of our wheelchair lifts, however, we believe that this size can fit into different buildings and accommodate a wide variety of wheelchair sizes and individuals.

    For more information or help regarding our wheelchair lifts, contact us today.

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