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Step Lifts

Step Lifts For Wheelchair Users

For visitors to your premises who have mobility problems, even a few steps can be a major obstacle. Businesses and public buildings need a cost effective, reliable option for helping wheelchair users and others with impaired mobility access premises and different levels while maintaining their dignity and independence.

Step lifts (also known as low rise platform lift, wheel chair lift or open platform lift) are low-rise lifting platforms which provide convenient internal and external lift travel up to 3 metres. As such they are designed to provide the most effective alternative way to flights of stairs to navigate up and down floors, whether inside or outside. Unlike stairlifts, step lifts are the best lifting solution to short or single flights of stairs as they allow users to stay in their wheelchair.

Platform Step Lift

Platform step lifts for internal or external access.
Step Lifts

This step lift for the disabled or wheelchair users provides access where vertical access is a metre or less. Features include:

Incline Platform Lift

The incline platform lift is ideal where there is no room for a vertical lift. It can be installed internally or externally on staircases even when there are landings in between sets of steps. Incline Platform Lift An incline wheelchair lift can also be specially designed to cope with bends in the staircase. Features include:

Optional features for the incline step lift include:

Depending on the access into your premises and the location, we can offer the following options:

More Reasons to install a Step Lift:

Step lifts are not just for wheelchair users. They also provide independent access for:

Why Steop Lifts From RJ Lift Services?

Our step lifts are manufactured using high-quality materials and designed for high performance and outstanding visual design that can suit the style of any building. The step lift control panel and its buttons are revised to be used by any group of passengers, including wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

We precisely design our step lifts so slight or no alterations are needed to the existing buildings. This provides a cost-effective, safe and easy way to gain access to a property where stairs would otherwise prevent easy access.

All our lifts are supplied with a 12-month warranty as standard and we also offer a range of maintenance options which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

As one of the leading independent lift companies in the UK, we can provide lift services throughout the UK and at a highly competitive rate.

Step Lift Main Features

Below are Step Lift main feature:

To find out which step lift we would recommend for your circumstances, or to see outline drawings, contact us or call 0800 999 1177.

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