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Dumbwaiter Lifts

If you need an easy form of goods transportation between your property floors, come check out our dumbwaiter lifts. We stock a wide range of dumbwaiters designed for moving small goods such as food and drinks between levels. We install dumbwaiters in a selection of materials and optional extras, such as heated shelves or lamps to keep customers’ food hot and ready to serve.

The majority of our dumbwaiters have simple control panels with call and send buttons. We can also connect intercoms for easy communication when sending food between different floors if you require it. If you are looking for a food lift for your business, contact us today for a free quote. 

For dumbwaiter maintenance and servicing click here. Or for further information and quotes Call Us on  0800 999 1177, or alternatively fill out our Contact Us form today!

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Our Dumbwaiter Lift Standard Model

Before deciding on our dumbwaiter lift installation service, please note the following general details about our dumbwaiter lift models.


Carrying Capacity: 5kg to 250kg

Our dumbwaiter lift selection can carry up to 250kg of goods between floors, creating a seamless, safe operation for your building when transferring food and drinks between levels. The maximum capacity allows you to carry heavy loads of goods, too! 

Up To 3 Stops

If you want a more effective way to move items between floors, then our dumbwaiter lifts can help. We can assure our customers that our dumbwaiter lift installation is more than just a two-floor lift, creating a better goods delivery system within your building.

Up To 7.3 Metres Travel

Dumbwaiter lifts commonly deliver food from the kitchen to the dining room. So, depending on the height of your property, the maximum travel distance for our service lifts provides a flexible solution for a number of properties.

Perfect For A Variety Of Buildings

Dumbwaiter lifts are perfect for buildings that use a commercial kitchen, or a property that has a kitchen lift. Whether it’s restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals or private homes, a goods lift will deliver an exceptional service for staff to use.

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    RJ Lift's Modern Dumbwaiters Lift Installation

    As one of the leading, independent lift companies with expert lift engineers throughout the UK, RJ Lift Services has developed a modern dumbwaiter lift model capable of easy movement between floors. Through quality procedures and control, we can ensure that each of our installations will have the capacity to carry heavy items and goods within your building.

    Dumbwaiter Lift Benefits For Your Business

    There are lots of benefits to dumbwaiter lifts that your business can profit from. 

    1. Reduce the risk of injury

    Carrying heavy items or loads on a daily basis can have a toll on your back, and can even lead to injuries. This is especially true when you’re frequently carrying items up and down the stairs, as it can increase the risk of falling. The advantage of dumbwaiter lifts means that all of these risks are prevented.

    2. Increase productivity

    A dumbwaiter lift allows heavy items to be carried via a small elevator implemented in your building. The reduction of labour means that productivity becomes more efficient, saving your employees time end energy with the harder labour duties for your building. 

    3. Decrease cost of labour

    Another benefit of installing a dumbwaiter is its cost-effectiveness. Installing a dumbwaiter is easier than a passenger lift due to its size, and is also easier to maintain than other platform lifts, saving you money each year.

    4. Save space

    As mentioned before, dumbwaiter lifts are smaller, so space is something you will never have to worry about. With dumbwaiter lifts, you can save space with the added benefit of small lift sizes, taking up to 50% to 70% less space than a standard elevator. 

    Looking for residential dumbwaiters or a solution for a commercial environment? RJ Lifts is a reliable company that can deliver a heavy goods lift for you. 

    Call us today for any queries you have!

    Dumbwaiter Lift FAQs

    A dumbwaiter food lift can be beneficial for businesses that need to carry goods such as food and drinks from different levels. Whether that may be from the loading area to the kitchen, or from the kitchen area to the dining area, a dumbwaiter lift can help with the labour duties, easing the strenuous activity for employees that handle these duties.

    Customers that ask us about our dumbwaiter lifts are usually owners or employees of hotels, restaurants, cafes or hospitals - with private homeowners occasionally contacting us about this product.

    If you want to see whether we can fit a dumbwaiter lift for your property, come talk to us today.

    Our dumbwaiter lift cost can depend on the type of model you want to install in your building, or the features you want to come with your dumbwaiter lift.

    To get an accurate cost of our installation, fill in our contact form for a quick, free quote on our dumbwaiter lifts.

    Yes. We stock a wide choice of dumbwaiters that our customers can decide on. The design of dumbwaiter lifts is mainly moving goods such as food and drinks between multiple levels.

    The term "dumbwaiter" was used in large houses with their kitchens and household staff in indoor basements, and the name "dumbwaiter" was simply from the way of having your own silent waiter, not seen or heard.


    For dumbwaiter maintenance and servicing click here. Or for further information and quotes Call Us on 0800 999 1177, or alternatively fill out our Contact Us form today!

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