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Dumb Waiters

DumbWaiters Lifts

At R J Lift Services dumbwaiter lifts installation and servicing is one of our specialities. We stock a wide range of dumbwaiters which are specifically designed for quickly moving small goods such as food and drinks between multiple levels. We install dumbwaiters in a selection of materials and optional extras, such as heated shelves or lamps to keep customers’ food hot. The majority of our dumbwaiters have simple control panels with call and send buttons. However, we can also connect intercoms for easy communication when sending food between different floors.

Dumbwaiter Lifts Specifications

Why Choose R J Lift Services for Your DumbWaiter Lift?

R J Lift Services is one of the leading independent lift companies with professional engineers throughout the UK. As a national independent lift company, we can provide a very competitive rate and can install or maintain your dumbwaiters at your convenience.

For dumbwaiter maintenance and servicing click here. Or for further information and quotes Call Us on  0800 999 1177, or alternatively fill out our Contact Us form today!

 Dumbwaiter FAQs

Why is it called a dumbwaiter?

‘Dumb’ is an archaic term for someone that doesn’t speak, so the term dumbwaiter is derived from the fact that it has the ability to silently serve people. 

What is a dumb waiter used for?

A dumbwaiter is a lift mechanism most commonly used for transporting food and dirty dishes from the serving area of restaurants to the kitchen. It has become a staple in the hospitality industry for a smooth and efficient operation.

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