Auto Dialler Digital Switchover

Is your Lift Emergency Auto Dialler Ready for the Digital Switchover? The vast majority of Auto Diallers are not compatible, and action is needed to remain compliant.

The telecoms network is undergoing an upgrade, copper lines are being removed with new fibre lines being installed. Although this is good news for internet speed and reliability, it is bad news for most lift auto-diallers that are only compatible with standard analogue telephone lines. These will cease to operate.

The switchover has already begun in some areas and will be ongoing until analogue support finally ends by the end of 2025. For more information visit:

What is the solution?

The cheapest, quickest, and most reliable solution is to fit a GSM Gateway that simulates and replaces the now obsolete analogue line. They use a standard sim card and negate the need for a hard-wired phone line. 

Advantages of the GSM solution:

  • The existing autodial unit can be retained
  • Compatible with existing auto-diallers
  • Low-cost solution
  • The GSM gateways we provide have battery backups so they will continue to work during power cuts, new fibre lines have no voltage so will not work during power cuts. 
  • Quick to install
  • Removes the hassle of having a fixed-line, such as arranging joint visits with telecoms engineers, etc.
  • Reliable long-term solution

The Hardware:

We can offer to supply and fit the GSM Gateway unit; this is an open protocol unit that can fit standard sim size.

The Sim:

The Sim can either be provided by the client, or we can offer fully managed sim packages as well at extremely competitive rates.


For further information and pricing please email:

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