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Mobility Lifting Aids

Mobility Lifting Aids For Physically Disabled Patients

RJ Lift Services work with care homes and hospitals around the UK to deliver high-quality, mobility aids for patients. We are dedicated to ensuring the mobility of people with physical disabilities with additional comfort and minimising the risk of injury.

Our mobility lifting aids for disabled access meet 
lifting regulations and Disabled Discrimination Acts regarding the mobility of people with physical disabilities. If you require an effective mobility aid, get in touch with our professional team today.

For further information about our lifting aids, contact us on 0800 999 1177 or alternatively, fill out our online contact form today.


Our emergency call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Wide Range Of Mobility Lifting Aids

We have a great selection of lifting aid solutions that are designed with comfort during transfers, safe working load capacity, and features that can transfer a range of people that require them. We are dedicated to installing high-quality lifting and mobility solutions that can ensure patient safety, which includes step lifts, lifting hoists and other options that can help patients with mobility issues.

Step Lifts

We can deliver step lifts for wheelchair users who need access to hospitals or care homes. These lifts are designed for simple, short travel which makes them ideal for visitors using wheelchairs to access buildings that have steps to enter them.

Visit our dedicated step lift page for more information.

Stair Lifts

We can provide an exceptional stair lift installation service. Patients that have trouble accessing different floors can benefit from a stair lift as it allows users to move between floor levels with ease and comfort. We have a wide range of stair lift installation choices available.


Visit our dedicated stair lift page for more information.

Cranes & Hoists

A lifting crane or hoist is a mechanical device used to transfer individuals with mobility issues from one place or position to another. We deliver a durable patient hoist and cranes designed to reduce injury when transferring an individual from one place to another. 

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Visit our dedicated cranes & hoists page for more information. 

Get A Lifting Aid Installed With Safety & Care

If you require a reliable lifting aid installation service in the UK, we can help. At RJ Lifts, we aim to deliver exceptional mobility aid installations to ensure all users of our products are safe, secure, and can freely move around your building without accessibility issues. Our range of products is ideal for patients or visitors with mobility issues, and with a thorough risk assessment for each piece of equipment installed, you can rest assured that our installations will deliver safe lifting for your building.

Benefits Of Our Mobile Patient Lift Installation Service

Effective Installations & Quick Repairs

Whether you need a lifting aid that offers a standing or seated position, a stair lift with remote control features or a folding hoist that can deliver safe patient positioning, we always make sure that our installations are efficient and our repairs are fast.

Professional Communication

Regardless of what building you need a lifting aid for, we promise to deliver professional communication throughout the process of installing or repairing lifting equipment. If you require an emergency repair service for one of our installed equipment, we have 24/7 emergency contacts available.

Nationwide Delivery

We deliver our services to a wide number of locations across the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton. Our office is based in Stoke-On-Trent, but our services are available in different areas in the UK. Take a look at our location list for more information.

Positive Reviews!

RJ Lifts have helped customers across the nation with their lifting aid installation needs. Because of our services, we have established great work for our customers, so if you’re unsure whether to choose us for any mobility aid installation requests, check out our excellent testimonials today.

Have any questions about our mobile lifts? Contact us on 0800 999 1177 or fill out our contact form below.

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    Mobility Lifting Aids Nationwide

    Our lifting engineers have fitted and maintained mobility lifting aids in hospitals and care homes nationwide, helping patients with mobility issues or transfers between beds.

    All our lifting aid solutions ensure ease of use, safety and comfort for increased mobility. We have highly skilled engineers operating throughout the UK which means your stair lifts and lifting aids can be installed and maintained at your convenience. So, whether you require a professional lifting hoist or a fitting patient lifter for larger patients, our engineers can help fulfil your lifting requirements.

    Visit our dedicated lift installations page for more information on our lift installations.

    Lifting Aid FAQs

    Lifting aids are designed to help disabled patients, elderly patients and bariatric patients who may have difficulties with their movement. Also known as mobility aids, these types of equipment can also help carers and patients with daily activities such as transfers between beds or positioning in chairs - allowing for smooth patient transfers if needed.

    Lifting aids can range from a portable patient lifting hoist to motor lifts. These can come under step lifts, stair lifts or lifting hoists, all available under RJ Lifts' equipment installation range.

    While our lifting aids are commonly for helping patients with mobility issues, there are some uses for lifting hoists and overhead cranes to handle heavy objects in warehouses and factories.

    For advice on lifting aids and what they can be used for, feel free to contact us and we can answer your questions.

    Lifting aids are beneficial for care homes and hospitals as these institutions usually require mobility equipment to help patients with movement issues.

    The health and safety benefits for employers should also be considered, as lifting and handling aids can allow staff to minimise any potential risk of injuries, improve productivity and reduces retraining costs. Overall, lifting aids can help increase safety for patients and convenience for nursing or healthcare staff.

    There are five types of hoists used in care environments, which are labelled as:

    • Pool hoists
    • Mobility hoists
    • Hoist slings
    • Bath hoists
    • Ceiling hoists

    For more information about the types of hoists we cover, fill in our contact form to get a quick and expert response from us.

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