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Damaged Lift Doors?

Are your lift doors damaged and showing their age? 

If they look anything like this, they are probably not representing your business at its best.

Damaged lift door

If you would like them to represent your building in a more stylish way………

Re-surfaced lift door - looking great
Resurfaced lift door 2

……..then we may have a elegant, cost effective solution for you.

If you feel that your lift doors are not giving the right impression and spoiling the ambience of your building we have a new solution – which doesn’t involve the cost of buying and fitting new doors.

We can now resurface your lift doors and architraves with a huge range of architectural decorative finishes, at a fraction of the cost of new doors.

With 500+ finishes to choose from, we can transform doors and architraves from old and battered to looking brand new – quickly and cost effectively.

Either match the décor of your reception or landing – or choose a hairline stainless steel look.  

And go from this:
Damaged lift door
To this:
Lift Door Repair

If your lift doors could benefit from an upgrade, email us at lifts@localhost for a quote.

How we transform lift doors so cost effectively

Instead of replacing your lift doors at a cost of £4,000-£5,000+ per set (for supply and fitting), we can now resurface them with high quality architectural finishes. The original surface is made good, with dinks and scratches repaired. Then our expert fitters work their magic with the design of your choice.

The result is new looking lift doors, which, if you wish, can match your foyer or landings.

Minimal Downtime

As we can complete most jobs within a half a day and larger jobs within a day, the downtime is minimal. Our expert teams are fast and efficient meaning that in many cases, your lift can be back in service speedily.

Fire Resistant

All our coatings have Class A fire and smoke ratings.

Water and moisture resistant


Excellent durability


500+ designs

From hairline steel finishes through wood grains, marble, stone, metallic and leather to abstract designs, we’re sure we have something you’ll love.

500+ surface finishes for lift doors

Samples available

We have a full sample book which covers all our designs. Just ask us for the samples you want to see. We’ll be pleased to send you what you need. Just call us on 0800 999 1177 or email lifts@localhost for a quote

Full lift Refurbishment Service

If your lift needs more than just the doors refurbishing, we can help with a full mechanical, electrical  and interior modernization, which will bring your lift back to looking and feeling like new. A full lift refurbishment usually helps reduce electricity bills too.

For More Information

For more information on any of our services, please call 0800 999 1177 or contact us on the contact form below.