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Looking for a reliable lift company to install, service or maintain lifts in Nottingham? Look no further! Here at RJ Lift Services, we provide an efficient service for lift maintenance, repairs and refurbishment, and have excellent transport links to Nottingham, so can be with you as quickly as possible to resolve all of your lift-related issues. We understand that a broken lift is a huge headache, and this is why we respond to your call quickly and resolve all problems in the shortest possible time.

As a skilled company with over 25 years’ experience, we have skilled engineers based in and around Nottingham ready to help you with any type of issue. From servicing to maintenance and the installation of new lifts, we cover the lot, and leave you totally satisfied with the results.

Whether it’s a SERVICE AGREEMENT you need, to advice and repair quotations, you can find out more about our services by calling us FREE on 0800 999 1177.


You can explore the full range of our services here, or find out more about our lift installations in Nottingham here.

Thanks to our many years of industry knowledge you can have total faith in our ability to fix any mechanical fault with speed and simplicity. As well as repairs, we install a wide range of lifting equipment for any industry, including cranes and hoists, to stair lifts and bespoke lifting solutions.
Our friendly and professional team are here to provide you with excellent service levels and offer fully tailored solutions, no matter what type of lift service you require.

See the difference we can make to your business. Contact us here at RJ LIFT SERVICES LTD by calling 0800 999 1177, email us, or fill in the contact form for a quick response.