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Lift Dimensions – Architect’s Guide for new lifts

You’ll find everything you need for designing a lift within these pages, including shaft sizes, lift dimensions and interior design. We provide lifts for existing buildings, where a lift is being replaced and for new builds where the lift is specified from new.

Just follow the links below to find the type of lift you’re specifying.

Passenger lift dimensions

Lift Dimensions for Passenger Lifts:

6 person, 8 person and 13 person passenger lifts for offices, all types of commercial buildings as well as residential blocks. The links above will take you to lift dimensions.

Lift Dimensions for Platform Lifts:

Platform lifts include wheelchair lifts which can also be used for pushchairs and the less abled. Exterior lifts, interior step lifts and everything in beween. All fully DDA Compliant.

Lift Dimensions for Goods Lifts:

Goods lifts up to 2000kg, including dumbwaiters, we have the perfect work horse. With or without attendant – your choice.

Lift Dimensions for Fire Fighting Lifts:

Specialist lifts for fire fighters to access buildings in the event of a fire. This page will give you the background to the requirements. Contact us for a quotation.

Lift Dimensions for Freight:

For freight up to 10,000kg. Bespoke lifts to meet your exact needs. Contact us for a quotation.

Our project team is second to none in terms of professionalism and expertise. Whatever type of lift you want installing, whether into an existing shaft or specification for a new build, contact us for a competitive quotation on 0800 999 1177.