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8 Person (630kg) Passenger Lift Dimensions

A competitive, 8 person lift for new buildings with a variety of exciting interior design options. In the download (just click the button below), you’ll find the lift dimensions needed for specification.

Contact us for a quotation on 0800 999 1177 or email us at info@localhost. 


If you have any queries at all, wish to discuss alternative lift dimensions, shaft sizes or lift speeds, please contact us. Drawings and specifications for this 8 person MRL lift can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

If you are looking for a lift for an existing building, please email us at info@localhost. Our Sales Team will be pleased to assist with meeting your requirements.

8 person – 630kg Passenger Lift Drawing

6 person lift drawing - MRL



Lift Installation Services

We install a full range of  lifts – from passenger to freight. You can find more details on our lift dimensions page.

Alternatively, if you have an existing lift that needs upgrading or modernising, we refurbish all makes and sizes of lift with new interiors, mechanical parts and electrics as required. 

And should you need advice on any other aspect of your lift from Lift Services to LOLER Thorough Examinations, we offer a complete range of services for all makes and models of lift.

What are the elevator dimensions of an 8 person lift?

A 630kg 8-passenger lift has a car size of 1100 x 1400 (CW x CD) and a shaft size of 1700 x 1800 (HW x HD). 

What is considered a standard lift size? 

This is difficult to state as what is considered ‘standard’ depends on the scale of the building in the discussion. However, in general, a 6-person lift could be considered ‘standard’ whilst an 8-person lift is large. 

How much weight can an 8 person lift hold?

An 8 person lift with dimensions as listed above can hold up to 630KG in weight at its capacity.