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5 Signs You Need Lift Refurbishment

Signs you need lift refurbishment

If you don’t refurbish your lift regularly, it can cause you major problems. So knowing when you need to refurbish your lift is important. Whether you have a lift available for public use, staff use or a home lift, ensuring your lift stays well-maintained is key.

But what are some warning signs that you need to refurbish your lifts? This article will discuss five of the most common signs that you need lift refurbishment. These are:

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Outdated design
  • Safety concerns
  • Slow operation
  • Energy inefficiency

Frequent Breakdowns

If your lift is breaking down a lot more frequently than it used to, this could be a sign that you need to refurbish it. Regular breakdowns can be costly and if you end up spending money over and over again on fixing, it makes more sense to invest in lift refurbishment instead.

Outdated Design

Lifts take a lot of punishment and daily wear and tear, particularly in busy buildings. It’s not surprising therefore that the finish in the car itself can soon look tired and dated. Refurbishment might be appropriate to give your lift a modern, fresh feel making it a better experience to use.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are one of the most important signs that you need lift refurbishment. Making sure that your lifts are safe is extremely important, so if you have any concerns over the safety of your lift, you should be considering a refurbishment.

The safety regulations surrounding lifts are complicated and continuously evolving. Lifts are complex pieces of machinery that need to be operating safely to ensure the wellbeing of those who use them. Many of the safety requirements also help to ensure that the lift itself can be relied upon. 

It’s illegal to operate a lift that doesn’t comply with safety regulations so you risk not only endangering the safety of users but also facing prosecution. That’s why lift refurbishment is important.

Slow Operation

If the lift is operating but is presenting problems, such as operating much slower than before, stopping at the wrong floor or otherwise failing to work as was intended, then a survey should be booked as soon as possible. It may be that a refurbishment is more appropriate and will ultimately prove more cost-effective than a basic repair.

Energy Inefficiency

It’s a fact of life that the longer something is in use, the worse its energy efficiency becomes. So if you have an old lift, then the chances are that its energy efficiency has depleted. A lift refurbishment can help your lift to become more efficient again, and increase its lifespan.

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