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Lift Modernisation and Saving Money

 Lift Modernisation

Lift modernisation ultimately saves you money as it’s a cost-effective alternative to replacing a lift completely. However, there are numerous more benefits which I have listed here. Lift maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of a lift – just like servicing a car keeps it road-worthy for longer. However, when a lift is aged, hasn’t been serviced regularly, or has a scruffy appearance, it may be time to modernise your lift. Rather than purchasing a new lift, it makes much more sense to modernise your lift as the costs significantly lower.

Lift modernisation can fall into two categories: mechanical modernisation and interior modernisation.

Mechanical Lift Modernisation –

You can modernise and replace all parts of your lift. Whatever you choose to modernise really depends on the age of the lift, how much its used and the condition of the various parts. Modernising parts like the electrics and pulling mechanisms can really save you money as it will improve the efficiency of the lift and severely reduce the chance of breakdowns in the future.

For more information on mechanical lift modernisation click here, or get in contact with one of our experts on 0800 999 1177.

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Interior Lift Modernisation –

This can include everything in the lift:

-Wall reskims so they look and feel brand new

-Ceiling and floor panel replacements

-New logos or other artwork to match the company and buildings style

-Hundreds of different materials to choose from

-New control panel and LED lights.

This also includes everything outside the lift:

-Door r-eskimming

-New control panelNew

-New buttons and other fixtures.

lift modernisation

Mostly this is for aesthetic reasons. However, the view and feel of all your building will create an impression on your staff and clients. Interior lift modernisation and refurbishment is a great way to increase your brand image. Interior refurbishment can also increase the energy efficiency of the lift with LED lighting and control panels that use less energy.

For more information on interior lift modernisation then please click here.

RJ Lifts have been modernising lifts for over 25 years. Our friendly staff and lift engineers can help you decide what lift modernisation you need and what works best to increase the efficiency of your lifts and save you money. Please go to our Contact page or call 0800 999 1177 for more information.