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Covid-19 -signage

Covid 19 Signage

Unfortunately, for the moment, Covid 19 does not seem to be going away. And with the winter coming, we all need to be more conscious of the rules about keeping our distance from others, wearing masks and washing hands regularly.

As business owners, reminding customers, visitors, staff and/or patients to keep their distance from each other, needs constant vigilance – because when we’re busy or distracted, we can (understandably) forget.

While moving around a building, anxiety can mostly be managed with rules about masks, one way systems and frequent cleaning. But for some, entering a lift, can be an extremely disquieting experience for a couple of reasons 

   – being unsure whether another person is going to stand too close and 

   – pressing buttons which others have touched.

As responsible people managers, we can help alleviate some of that anxiety by adding the right kind of signage in the right places, such as lift floors, to help people remember to stand away from each other – and to keep the numbers of people travelling within the lift, to a safe level.

Covid 19 signage in lift
Lift signage for Covid 19 can be fitted by our engineers

Various signs are available from wall mounted reminders, floor circles or tape and footprints as in the examples above.

We also supply and apply specialist anti-microbial coatings which can be applied to buttons and handrails for giving touchable surfaces long term protection against bacteria and viruses. To find out more about how they work, visit Anti-Microbial Coatings for Lifts.

Social Distancing Vinyl Sign - RJ Lifts
Please stand here anti slip lift safety floor graphic - RJ Lifts
Social Distancing People Allowed In PVC Sign - RJ Lifts