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The Best Lift Design Ideas!

When thinking of design, elevators might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but they should be! With modern and bespoke lift designs taking center stage in fancy hotels and shopping centers, they are a treat for the eyes.

As one of the first places many people see and stand in when entering a building, lifts, and elevators are no longer just a means of taking you from point A to point B, they are fast becoming a focal point in their own right, providing atmosphere and aesthetically setting the tone for the rest of the building. 

From vintage retro designs harking back to the art deco era to the modern floor to ceiling mirrored designs the versatility that can be found in such a compact space is truly unique.  

So without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of the best stylish, contemporary lift design ideas. 

1. Get Colourful

Add a pop of colour to your lift interior using primary colours to bring a wow factor to your design. The warm red design above looks inviting and helps set the tone for the rest of the building. The gold-coloured metal bars and trim bring sophistication and class to the lift interior adding a sense of opulence. 

2. Futuristic 

Make your lift design stand out with a futuristic design! Like this iconic elevator from the Mercedes-Benz museum that brought together technology and elevator design in a way that had never been seen before. Using chrome and a minimal aesthetic this design can be simple and eye-catching all at the same time. Stick with light bright colours and long dynamic lines. Asymmetry is one of the key elements to a futuristic design idea across walls and corners to form sleek cutaways. 

3. Classical Architecture

This one of a kind lift is based in Lisbon, Portugal is known as the Santa Justa Lift and is truly beautiful and unique with its combination of traditional architecture mixed with modern transportation 

If the building that the lift is being designed for is old and filled with character, be sure to keep this within the design of the lift! It wouldn’t look right if a baroque building from the 17th century had a futuristic or brightly coloured lift in the centre of it. In this case, stick with classical materials and a colour palette that suits the mood and historical significance of the structure. 

4. Shaftless Lift Design

A shaftless lift design not only looks interesting and inviting but modern and contemporary. Usually coupled with glass or mirrored walls, this lift design idea is truly unique. a great alternative to a standard sized lift or stairlift, this type of lit works perfectly in more compact spaces such as residential buildings. Ideal for convenience and easy mobility.

5. Solid Gold

Using a gold colour palette in your lift design adds warmth and an eye catching look to the lift. Using gold fabric lines and trim makes the lift look bigger and brighter with its sleek and clever use of different tones and textures. Anyone entering a lift like the one pictured above is sure to remember it.

6. Marble

Marble or granite based lifts are a great focal point for any commercial or residential building, not only do they look expensive and well made, but they are also stain resistant and long lasting. if your concern is the heavy budget often associated with marble material there are plenty of cheap alternatives like marble based panels that look just as sophisticated without the heavy price tag.

7. Modern and Contemporary 

To create a lift design that is both modern and contemporary lighting is everything! The brighter the elevator the bigger and more inviting it looks. Not only does lighting set the tone of the lift design but it also adds functionality ensuring visibility. Once you have chosen the correct lighting for your lift design incorporate modern design trends such as metallic materials including classic steel with accents such as rose gold, silver, and bronzed metal. Pair these materials with a minimalist approach.

Minimalist designs are widely popular in lift interiors for a reason as they bring classic elegance and a timeless aesthetic to lift designs. 

8. Unique Glass  

Lifts and elevators that heavily incorporate glass in their designs are structurally unique and add different dimensions and look different from every angle they are viewed upon. Often seen as a sign of luxury a glass-based lift design will quickly become the focal point of any commercial or residential building. 

Glass elevators welcome natural light which has been known to boost the mood of the people using the lift, a great fit if you are looking to redesign a lift for an office space. A glass lift also won’t have any use for artificial lighting so it’s a great way for businesses to save money in the long run and reduce their carbon foot print.Another upside to using a glass lift design is that it easily creates a design style that is sleek and minimal in its appearance and fits seamlessly into any building. Whether the buildings current design is modern or traditional. Plus a glass lift design blends in with its surroundings perfectly.

9. Ornate and Traditional

Traditional lift design often incorporates trends that are culturally significant to the country or location the design is being set in, adding a touch of history and classic elegance that blends in perfectly with its surroundings, making the users of the lift feel at home right away. Often taking inspiration from bygone eras like the 18th and 9th century these designs usually stick to using traditional natural materials such as wood or historically significant art and colour palettes. For instance, the lift design pictured above uses a traditional Turkish colour palette and carved mouldings for texture. 

10. Brick Based Lift Design

The Gironella Historic Centre Elevator is a world famous Spanish elevator that connects the modern urban centre of Gironella to the traditional old town, using brick a material not often associated with lift design and the end result is an architectural delight. This fascinating design incorporates unusual materials against a backdrop that is truly breathe taking. While this design wouldn’t suit every building looking to install a lift or redesign their old one, you could pull certain elements and make it your own with an exposed brick backdrop, which is not only on trend and chic but also interesting and inviting to look at.