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Why Lifts Are Necessary

Your building and business type affect the necessity of your lift. In a two story building a lift is necessary so any individual dealing with physical problems can effectively travel between floors where other staff are comfortable using the stairs. This is not unique to wheelchair users, many people suffer illness and injuries, temporary or permanent, that hinder them on stairs.

In warehouses and multi-story businesses that require heavy duty goods lifts to make the journey between floors safer and more comfortable for all employees, carrying heavy loads up and down stairs can cause long term damage to people’s backs but the use of a lift relieves this burden.

It is important to remember how people differ in terms of fitness, health and endurance and make reasonable changes for your staff accordingly.

How A Lift Can Benefit You?

Investing in a lift offers long term value to your property, whatever your business. The addition of a lift immediately boosts the credibility and rental income of your premises as it both provides a service and puts renters at ease that you have taken the upkeep of your property seriously and it is up to code. Lifts pay for themselves when you come to sell, with most modern builds coming automatically with a lift it has become a necessary service that people expect, not a luxury.

At R J Lift Services we provide all types of lift from passenger service to hoist systems along with lift servicing, maintenance and 24-hour lift breakdown and repair. If you’re in the market for a brand new lift or would life your lift modernised you need look no further then us, get in touch now on 0800 999 1177 or Contact Us online and we’ll find the best service for you.

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